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About Environment

Sustainability isn’t an afterthought at Oran Park. We’re proud to bring our residents a wonderful community that’s also kind to the planet.

From tree-lined streets integral to minimising the effects of climate change to solar panel-fitted buildings and much more, we’ve collaborated with some of the brightest minds in environmental town planning to shape a more sustainable town.

Riparian corridors

Oran Park is home to several riparian corridors which are unique plant communities consisting of lake or riverside vegetation. They offer a variety of benefits for both residents and the environment including the preservation of our open green spaces and the prevention of bank erosion.

Riparian corridors can also ensure that water quality is preserved by filtering the sediment before it reaches the lake as well as provide food and habitat for fish and wildlife.

Riparian corridors help make Oran Park a Green Liveable Network. Our riparian corridors are popular walking trails, offering a natural environment for being active while being beneficial to one’s mental health. 

Tree canopy

The NSW Government has committed to achieving 40% urban tree canopy cover for Greater Sydney by 2036. In keeping with this goal, the state Government recently granted the Camden area funding under the Greening our City Program. The result? Oran Park is set to become one of the greenest and leafiest regions in South West Sydney.

A numerous amount of street and park trees continue to be planted to complement the existing streetscape and it won’t be long before these new plantings will grow into a ‘canopy’, making those neighbourhood strolls even more of a pleasure.

Flood prevention

Floods can wreak havoc on communities and residential properties. At Oran Park, we work hard to deliver solutions and precautions to minimise flood risk and damage. One of the ways we do this is through the presence of riparian corridors throughout our community which naturally drain any excess water, reducing the risk of flooding.

Residents can request detailed flood information for a specific property or area of Oran Park.

Heat island

Changing rural land for urban, residential dwellings has the potential to double the temperature brought on by climate change. Urban areas tend to be warmer when there’s less green cover and more hard surfaces which absorb, store and radiate heat – this process creates ‘the urban heat island’ (UHI).

A serious and developing issue for urban areas, UHI is addressed in Oran Park by planting trees and extra vegetation, and encouraging new builds to adopt light coloured roofs that reflect solar radiation. It’s about promoting intelligent urban design and strategies that can reduce, adapt and quickly respond to extreme weather events.

Water quality

Oran Park is based on a water sensitive urban design which includes a water quality management strategy that uses combined raingardens and retention basins that work to improve the town’s riparian corridors.

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