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Making business a pleasure

Oran Park’s town planners recognised the importance of establishing well-appointed, modern work hubs in a centrally located area. So, whether you work remotely or are keen to start a new career closer to home, you’ll enjoy convenient access to a range of evolving business opportunities and co-working spaces.

Business Parks are an important feature in a growing suburb – and Oran Park is no exception. That’s why as part of our master-planned community, we’ve allocated an area of land for professional use, supporting a mix of warehousing, logistics and office functions. The business facilities are constantly evolving as our professional community grows.

Long commutes to work will quickly become a thing of the past. Oran Park residents and business owners will have access to a fantastic range of work and business opportunities.

We are in the process of establishing a town dedicated to enhancing the lives of our burgeoning community. If you believe your business will contribute to our residents, get in touch so we can create a thriving and prosperous environment for everyone.

Employment lands located in the north west of the Oran Park precinct provide a dynamic Employment Zone with businesses benefitting from positioning along the Northern Road.

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