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About Smart Town

We’re committed to developing a ‘smart town’ that harnesses world-class tech solutions for the comfort, safety and convenience of our residents.

Through the responsible and creative use of smart technology, Oran Park will deliver services to our residents in a way that has never been experienced in Sydney’s South West communities. We’re committed to providing a high standard of living for our residents based on a clean and sustainable urban environment and application of ‘smart’ tech solutions.

Fibre-optic connection

From living in a lush rural setting to enjoying the latest technological conveniences, Oran Park residents enjoy the best of both worlds.

Internet connection in our masterplanned community is based on fibre optics – an advanced type of network cabling which offers superior upload and download speeds. Unlike wireless networks that can be slower during peak hours, fibre optic connections stay strong and consistent regardless of online traffic. Having a fibre optic network allows houses in Oran Park to be free of cables and antennas, this contributes to an aesthetic streetscape.

CCTV cameras

Keeping residents as safe and as secure as possible is our priority. That’s why we’ve worked closely with security experts during the planning stages of Oran Park to install strategically placed CCTV cameras to protect our community.

From leisure grounds and walkways to parks and reserves, CCTV cameras add an extra layer of security for all members of our community. 

Parking lights

To keep traffic flowing while drivers are looking for parking, motion-activated parking lights will be installed in Oran Park’s Podium parking.

WiFi in parks

The community’s parklands represent the green heart of Oran Park. And while they act as the focal point of recreational activities and gatherings, the parks’ also feature modern digital connectivity.

Selected parks have high-speed WiFi access for casual park visitors and remote workers who enjoy taking their laptops to the local park for a change of outdoor scenery!

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