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Oran Park presents a unique opportunity to live in a contemporary community that is based on quality and innovative housing. 

Oran Park is a unique master planned community development. The town centre of Oran Park (OP) is the geographical centre of the Camden local government area and its fast growing population. Oran Park will become the cornerstone of all things educational, business, entertainment and service related in the South West of Sydney.

The role of these Design Guidelines is to complement both the existing Oran Park Development Control Plan and where permissible, the New South Wales Housing Code. Both of these documents provide detailed requirements which must be complied with. Home designs in Oran Park must comply with either the Oran Park DCP or the New South Wales Housing Code as well as these guidelines.

These guidelines will ensure residents will not only benefit from their initial investment but will see the value of their property maintained by the high standard of development that will be established around them.

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