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Live Recreation Walking Trails

Oran Park has over 115kms of footpaths and walking tracks and counting!

Oran Park has been designed around a Liveable Green Network. It aims to create a pedestrian and cycling network that connects people with the city and village centres as well as major transport and entertainment hubs, cultural precincts, parks and open spaces.

As a master-planned community, Oran Park has been intentionally designed to include interconnected walkways and cycleways. This means that residents can enjoy walking trails that rarely cross major roads. Once the Lakeside Walk is open, residents will have access to over eight kilometres of trails without crossing a single road. Several walkways are located under bridges, offering shade on a hot day and protection from traffic.

Our riparian corridors are popular trails, offering a natural environment for being active that is beneficial to one’s mental health. Oran Park currently has over seven kilometres of walkways along riparian corridors – and counting!

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