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Live Community News Community Update Summary

2 November 2018

On Tuesday 30 October a Community Update was held.  Below is a summary of what was discussed.

There are several projects underway in Oran Park Town, including the extension of Dick Johnson Drive into the town centre, new commercial building, Skate Park, Youth and Recreation building,  new high school and expansion of Oran Park Public School.  In addition, a development application (DA) for a new residential apartment building is currently being assessed by Camden Council.  A DA has recently been lodged for Oran Park Podium Stage 2 and a new splash park.  A DA will also be lodged very soon by Thompson Health Care for a 240 bed aged care facility.

Scott Carver Architects gave a presentation on Oran Park Podium Stage 2.  In summary, Stage 2 will be one and a half times bigger than Stage 1 and will provide an additional 15,000m2 of retail space, 3,890m2 of commercial space, an additional 1,360 retail parking spaces as well as 146 residential units, to provide a mix of housing options.  The residential units will have their own separate entrance and separate secure car parking.

The design of Stage 2 provides good connections to the outdoors and the civic precinct.  Restaurants will interface with the town park and careful consideration has been given to the design to enable diners to dine in comfort regardless of the weather. Carefully placed landscaping will also provide a buffer and shade to restaurants.

A new market hall will provide fresh food options.  The market hall will be naturally lit and will connect to the outdoors.

Additional commercial spaces will offer flexible office space to complement the existing commercial offering.

Two apartment buildings are included in the design of Stage 2. One building will 6 storeys and will overlook the Town Park and Podium Way. The other apartment building will be 12 storeys, overlooking Town Park and Central Avenue. It will really mark the centre of town.  

 The apartment buildings will consist of 146 units and will have their own car park as well as a communal landscaped garden for unit residents to gather in.

The apartments have been designed around long-term owners which means they are larger than normal.  The units will have large terraces and will include plenty of storage spaces.

Work has commenced on the new commercial building located opposite the Sales Office car park with the basement car park currently being excavated.  The building has been designed to be open and naturally lit and once complete will provide businesses with the opportunity to purchase office space.

A DA has been lodged for a new residential building which will be located near Julia Reserve.  The building has been designed to a high standard and will provide basement car parking for residents.

There was some discussion about an Oran Park Tavern which will be located adjacent to Ron’s Creek.  This is in the early design phase and more information will be provided once a DA has been lodged with Camden Council.

A DA has been lodged for the Oran Park Splash Park which will be located in Ron’s Creek just north of the town centre.  The splash park is an exciting design and includes good connections to homes to the north of Oran Park Town and the town centre.  The park at Ron’s Creek won’t just be a splash park, though. The design also includes a formal park, separate youth and junior play areas, a picnic area and an amenities building that will incorporate change rooms for people enjoying the splash park. The Ron’s Creek Park is estimated to cost about $6 million. The splash park element is expected to cost about $1.2 million, of which Camden Council is contributing $500,000.

Anglicare have recently received DA approval for an additional 67 villas and an 80-bed aged care facility.  They are in the process of appointing a contractor and work is expected to commence before the end of this year with the aged care facility expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Thompson Health Care are also very close to lodging a DA for a 240-bed aged care facility which will be located adjacent to Brabham Reserve.

A second child care centre is currently under construction opposite Oran Park Primary School.  The new centre will be known as Little Giants Oran Park.

Work has commenced on the expansion of Oran Park Primary School and the new Oran Park High School.  Traffic control measures are in place and separation hoardings have been put in place to minimise noise and dust.

Earthworks are underway on the Skate Park.  Construction is expected to take 12 months.

Approvals are now in place for the construction of the Youth and Recreation building and the pad site has been prepared in anticipation of construction.

Due to the interest in Podium Stage 2, we will be offering drop-in sessions to residents to ask further questions. We will provide residents with more information as soon as details are confirmed.

For enquiries, please contact the Sales Office on 9043 7500.

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