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12 July 2019

On Tuesday 2 July a Community Update Meeting was held.  Below is a summary of what was discussed.

Oran Park Podium Stage 2 – Recently Camden Council met to review the height limit for one of the new apartment buildings within Stage 2 of the Podium Stage 2 Project.  At the meeting, Council unanimously supported the increased height limit, which has now allowed the application to be referred to the Department of Planning for their approval.

We are very excited about this decision and will now start the detailed design process for final approval.  Subject to approval, we anticipate starting work in March 2020 and due to the large scale of the project we expect work to be completed in early 2022.

The apartment buildings will face the Town Park and will have access to a range of amenities including a restaurant precinct which will overlook the park.  The apartments will have their own separate basement car park and separate main entrances as well as access to a communal landscaped garden located above the shopping centre for apartment residents use only.

New shops will include a second supermarket and a discount department store e.g. K Mart / Big W as well as more specialty stores.

Commercial Building 1 – A six storey, 24m high commercial building with three levels of basement parking is currently under construction opposite the Podium with an expected completion date of March 2020.  We are currently selling office space and have secured an imaging provider that will take up the entire ground floor, providing valuable health services for the local community.  The building will also house the head office of TRN, a local family business who have been an integral part of the development in Oran Park Town since the very beginning and as such this commercial building will be known as TRN house.

Contractors are currently preparing form work for the second floor of the building.

A development application has been lodged with Camden Council for the sister commercial building which will sit adjacent to Commercial Building 1.  We are hoping to locate more medical services within this second building.

Residential Building 1 – We have received approval for a six storey, 47 apartment residential building that will be built adjacent to the commercial building which is currently under construction. We are currently working with builders and will provide more information once a timeline is confirmed.

Apartments have always been planned for the town centre as the increased amenity of the town centre provides the ideal location.  In Oran Park Town we have planned for a range of housing types to suit the varying needs of the community.

Rons Creek & Splash Park – We have received Council approval to start work on the $8.1M Rons Creek Recreation Facility.  This will be a regional facility and will include youth and junior play areas and a splash park.  This is a large project and will take some time to fully complete so we will be concentrating our efforts on delivering the splash park component of the park first and are working towards a completion date of January 2020 in time for summer.

This new facility will also include an amenities block and BBQ facilities.

Youth & Recreation Building – we are building the $5.6M youth and recreation building on behalf of Council and once complete it will become a Council asset.  The building includes activity spaces, meeting rooms and a performance space.  The slab has been poured and work is expected to be completed February 2020.

Julia Reserve (Skate Park) – we are also building an $8M skate park which will sit adjacent to the Youth and Recreation Building.  Civil works are now complete and Perfection Landscapes have commenced work with the initial focus being on the skate park.  Over the coming weeks residents  will see the land being reshaped for the skate bowl, basketball court and parkour area.

Landscaping work is also underway on Julia Creek which will provide a pedestrian connection from Dick Johnson Drive (to the rear of Oran Park Primary School) to Julia Reserve and the Youth and Recreation Building.

Oran Park High School & Oran Park Primary School – The Department of Education have appointed a principal for the new high school.  They are currently taking enrolments for Years 7 and 8 which will commence in Term 1 of 2020.  The principal will be holding a series of community information sessions.  For enquiries contact regionalsouthglenfield@det.nsw.edu.au

Oran Park Primary School upgrades continue to progress with works forecast for completion early 2020.  These upgrades will see an additional 24 learning spaces built to increase the capacity of the existing school.

The Department of Education have purchased a second site in Oran Park for a new primary school and it’s currently in design phase.  The school will be located off O’Keefe Drive, Oran Park in Tranche 33 and is shown as Catherine Field new primary school on the School Infrastructure website.

For updates on all school projects, visit schoolinfrastructure@det.nsw.edu.au.

Oran Park Tavern – The operator lodged a development application a few weeks ago for a three storey Tavern.  We expect with all the licensing requirements the approval process will take about 12 months.  The tavern will not only provide a social meeting place, but it will also provide training for people interested in working in the hospitality industry.

Thompsons Aged Care Facility – This 240 bed aged care facility will include a dementia specific wing.  Final approvals are expected in the next two months and work is expected to start soon after that.

Anglicare Oran Park –  Work has started on 67 new villas and an 80 bed residential aged care facility that will be located adjacent to the existing Anglicare Village.  These are in addition to the existing 71 villas and 16 apartments in the Village.

Service Stations – Two service stations are being planned for Oran Park Town.  One will be located on the corner of Peter Brock Drive and Oran Park Drive and another off The Northern Road in the Employment Lands Zone.  We are currently negotiating with providers and will provide more information once details are confirmed.

Doohan Reserve – Civil works are now complete and the landscape contractor will commence on site in 2-3 weeks.


Intersection of Podium Way and Oran Park Drive – Since the meeting, traffic signals have been turned on at this intersection.  Access to the northern end of Oran Park Drive at this intersection will be restricted to construction traffic only.  Once the Oran Park Drive connection to Dick Johnson Drive is completed (expected to be October 2019) this intersection will become a fully functional 4 way intersection.

Extension of Dick Johnson Drive (to the east towards the Town Centre) – the section of Dick Johnson Drive from Sir Jack Brabham Reserve through to the town centre is expected to open October 2019.  Connections to Dick Johnson Drive from Oran Park Drive, Central Avenue and South Circuit (to the east) will also be complete at this time.

Dick Johnson Drive (at Steward Drive) – the section of Dick Johnson Drive from Steward Drive to South Circuit (near Oran Park Public School) is now open.

The Northern Road & Dick Johnson Drive intersection – the RMS are expected to complete work on The Northern Road/Dick Johnson Drive intersection at the end of 2019.  Following this we will complete the missing section of Dick Johnson Drive which will provide residents with a connection directly onto The Northern Road.  This connection is expected to be completed by April 2020.

Connection to Springfield Road / Camden Valley Way – Construction continues on the bridge at the end of Peter Brock Drive over South Creek.  The bridge is expected to be complete by the end of 2019.  This will enable a connection through to Springfield Road and Camden Valley Way which is expected to be complete by March 2020.

Banfield Drive connection to Oran Park Drive – Works have commenced on the intersection of Banfield Drive / Oran Park Drive / Harrington Parkway.  Initial work will include the relocation of services.  Work is expected to be complete by early 2020.

Hollows Drive Connection – we have been coordinating with the adjoining developer for the opening of Hollows Drive off Banfield Drive which will provide access/egress via Catherine Park Drive.  Works have been completed on our side and the adjoining developer has some work left to do and we expect the connection to be open in two months’ time.

Carden Street & Peter Brock Drive Intersection – Following a number of concerns that were raised about the safety of this intersection, an application was made by us to Camden Council to create a proper right turn bay within the Peter Brock Drive median strip to improve the safety of the intersection.

Camden Council assessed our application and on safety grounds ruled to close the median strip.  This closure will result in a left-in, left-out movement only at the intersection.

This work commenced on Friday 5 July to coincide with the school holidays and work is expected to be completed by mid- August subject to weather.

Following the community update meeting, a further communication was provided to residents with information on new roads currently under construction which would help ease some concerns regarding access for residents affected by the Carden Street closure.

Employment Lands – We are seeking to expand the Employment Lands to the north up to the riparian corridor which will act as a buffer between the Employment Lands and the residential area.  This will take the Employment Lands area from 18 hectares to 26 hectares.

We are also looking to rezone a strip of land to B5 for bulky goods to better interface with neighbouring residents and provide a location for businesses that are currently not permitted in the town centre due to zoning limitations.

A slip lane will be introduced from The Northern Road into the Employment Lands area providing easy access to this arterial road and future Aerotropolis.

A service station is also planned for the site along with fast food and a second tavern site.

Child Care Centres – Work has been completed on Little Giants Oran Park which is conveniently located opposite Oran Park Primary School.  The centre is expected to open very soon.

For enrolment enquiries please call 1300 692 632 or email oranpark@littlegiants.edu.au

A development application was lodged in June 2019 for a third child care centre which will be located opposite Doohan Reserve.  The centre will be operated by Exploring Tree who currently operate a centre on the grounds of Macarthur Anglican School in Cobbitty.  We will provide more information in due course.

Rail line – A metro line from St Marys to Oran Park has been confirmed by the state government and the location of the Oran Park station has also been confirmed.  We have no further information at this time regarding the timing of delivery.

Community Newsletters – bi-monthly Community Newsletters are produced by our team.  These are emailed to residents on our mail list and they are also available on our website.  If you would like to receive a copy of the newsletter via email, please contact Josephine@greenfields.net.au

Welcome Pack for new residents – Have you recently moved into Oran Park?  Whether you’re an owner or a tenant, the Oran Park Town Development Team would like to welcome you.

To receive your Welcome Gift and Information Pack, please contact the Sales Office on 9043 7500 or email Karren.kapitanow@greenfields.net.au

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