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Live Community News Kolombo Reserve stormwater retention basin maintenance works

17 June 2024

Landcom have advised that Kolombo Reserve is temporarily closed while they undertake maintenance works to clean out silt and debris from the retention basin.

The basin is designed to collect and treat stormwater and protect homes from flooding. Sediment runoff within the catchment has blocked inlet and outlet pipes and is impacting the operation of the basin.

Works will commence soon and are scheduled to be complete around the end of the year and will be undertaken in line with approvals from Camden Council.

Work will involve:

It is expected that when the basin is drained, residents may experience an intermittent smell.  This is due to organic matters decomposing at the bottom of the basin.

Landcom have advised that every effort will be made to minimise the impact on nearby residents.

Works will be undertaken Monday to Friday between 7am and 4pm.  There will be no works on weekends or public holidays.

For more information, please contact Landcom during business hours on (02) 9841 8600 or info@landcom.nsw.gov.au

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