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Live Community News Podium Stage 3C Approved

25 May 2022

Great news, the DA for Stage 3C of the Podium has been approved!

Stage 3C incorporates extensive gardens and landscaping which will punctuate the journey along Oran Park Drive and form part of the Stage 3 Podium shopping centre expansion which is currently under construction.

Stage 3C will provide another major pedestrian entry to the Podium from Oran Park Drive through an indoor/outdoor seating area which will connect the new food hall to an outdoor children’s playground.

The playground will feature a safe play area for children with the inclusion of enclosed play areas, a variety of climbing equipment and children’s water play to facilitate challenging and exciting experiences for all ages. 

Landscaped gardens and seating will provide a series of attractive spaces for meeting, eating, and playing creating a strong sense of place and community.

Completion of Stage 3C is expected at the same time as Stage 3A, late in 2023.

For general enquiries please contact Oran Park Podium centre management on (02) 9043 7550.

For leasing enquiries please visit oranparkpodium.com.au to register your interest.

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