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Live Community News Pondicherry Planning Proposal

11 April 2024

Camden Council is now exhibiting plans to rezone the Pondicherry property for urban development. “Pondicherry” is the name of the farm that is being rezoned and has give its name to the Planning Proposal. The area, when developed, will be part of the suburb of Oran Park.

Pondicherry will be developed by Greenfields Development Company and adjoins the Oran Park and Tranche 41 developments. At full development Pondicherry is planned to have:

· Approximately 2,200 new homes, including detached homes, townhouses and apartments

· A 10 hectare lake which will help manage stormwater leaving Oran Park and Pondicherry, before it enters South Creek. The lake will have several large wetlands to clean stormwater before it enters the lake and will also have a water recirculation system to help manage the risk of poor water quality during dry spells

· 5 hectares of open space around the lake, and a further 5 hectares of local parks spread across seven locations in the Pondicherry development, so that all homes are within 400m of a local park

· Districts sports facilities over 9.2 hectares adjoining South Creek. The facility will comprise 4 playing fields in soccer/league configuration, or two ovals in AFL/cricket configuration, an amenities building and associated car parking,. There is the potential to increase the size of this facility and add a further 2 playing fields (approx. 4.3 hectares) at a later time

· A smaller 2.4 hectares active open space area in the western part of Pondicherry, which will contain sports courts, an amenities building and car parking

· Nearly 3.0 hectares of revegetated creek corridors along Anthony Creek and South Creek

· A neighbourhood shopping centre on the lake which will include shops, restaurants and other amenities

· A community centre on the lake which will be run by Camden Council

· A 1,000 student public primary school in western Pondicherry, and a 2,000 student K-12 private school in eastern Pondicherry

· A minimum of two sites reserved for child care centres

· A combined 4.5kms of shared cycle paths and green corridors, linking up the places people will want to go in Pondicherry with the surrounding Oran Park and Tranche 41 developments, and

· Specially selected street trees to provide distinctive local neighbourhood character and more shade, helping manage urban heat and creating an attractive environment.

We have been planning Pondicherry since 2018 with Camden Council and State government agencies and we are thrilled it is now on exhibition for public comments. You can access the exhibition material HERE and any questions concerning the exhibition should be directed to the nominated staff at Camden Council.

Submissions close on 6 May, 2024.

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