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Live Community News Pondicherry Voluntary Planning Agreement

24 April 2024

Following on from our recent post about the Pondicherry Planning Proposal being on public exhibition, we are pleased to let you know that the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) for Pondicherry is also on exhibition for public comment. 

“Pondicherry” is the name of the farm that is being rezoned and has give its name to the Planning Proposal and the VPA. The area, when developed, will be part of the suburb of Oran Park. The VPA is an agreement between Greenfields Development Company and Council which sets out the local infrastructure and services which Greenfields will construct and give to Council to support the needs of the expanding Oran Park community. 

The VPA includes the cost of land, construction costs, monetary contributions and some maintenance costs. The estimated value of the land and works in the VPA is around $205 million and includes:

The above facilities and services will be constructed by Greenfields, maintained by Greenfields for an agreed ‘establishment period’ and then dedicated free of cost to Council. Council will then be responsible for on-going maintenance. The facilities will be constructed progressively as development occurs and the estimated timing is set out in the draft VPA.

You can access the exhibition material from the link below and any questions concerning the exhibition should be directed to the nominated staff at Camden Council.

Submissions close on 17 May, 2024.


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