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Live Community News Proposed Expansion of Employment Zone

14 July 2021

Residents may recall that a rezoning application to expand the Employment Zone on the corner of Dick Johnson Drive and The Northern Road was adopted by Camden Council in September 2020 and then received favourable Gateway determination by the Department of Planning in December 2020.

The proposal includes the expansion of the existing area from 18.51ha to 29.96ha which will increase the services and employment opportunities for our local community (see image)

The final step requires that the proposal be placed on public exhibition prior to the proposal being gazetted by the Department of Planning.

This proposal is now on public exhibition until 10 August 2021 with information available on Camden Council’s website www.camden.nsw.gov.au/council/matters-on-exhibition

With the proposed rezoning now in its final stage, it has enabled a DA to be lodged for the second tavern that will be located within the Employment Zone.  The operators recently lodged the DA with Camden Council and it can now be considered for assessment, however it cannot be determined until the rezoning application has been gazetted.  This DA will also be placed on public exhibition as part of the DA process.

We encourage residents to contact our Sales Office on 9043 7500 if they would like further information or have any questions.

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