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Live Community News Raceway Walk Of Fame Unveiled

17 August 2017

Today, Tony Perich AM was accompanied by Allan Moffat, Dick Johnson, Lady Margaret Brabham and Beverley Brock as he unveiled Oran Park Raceway’s Walk of Fame.

The Walk of Fame will eventually honour 30 motorsport personalities who had a special link to Oran Park Raceway. 

Today the first 9 honourees were announced. They are:

Sir Jack Brabham

Wayne Gardner

Mick Doohan

Alan Jones

Peter Brock

Dick Johnson

Allan Moffat

Mark Skaife

Craig Lowndes

The Walk of Fame is one of many ways Oran Park Town has acknowledged the history of the iconic Oran Park Raceway.

Tony Perich welcomed the invited guests to follow him as he shared his memories of the honourees.

“I remember walking up to Allan Moffat and wishing him good luck before a race when we first took over the track. Allan looked straight ahead and said “Don’t talk to me before the race, I’m concentrating!” Perich continued “He went on to win the race easily so it must have worked”

“Here at Oran Park Town we’ve always tried to weave the memories of the circuit into what we’ve done. History is tremendously important to my family. For us, it’s about remembering the cars and remembering the dairy cows too.” Mr Perich said.

Dick Johnson was present and spoke on behalf of the honourees. “I first came to race at Oran Park on my honeymoon!” he said. “It came a long way from the track it was then to the facility that hosted the Supercars Grand Finale in 2008”. Dick thanked the Perich Family and Landcom on behalf of the other honourees for being remembered in the Walk of Fame.

A plaque was also unveiled commemorating all the competitors and officials who lost their lives at the Raceway. Tony Perich informed the guests “The memorial plaque doesn’t list names, at the request of some of the families who did not want to see their loved ones named. We respected their wishes, but we’ve left room on the memorial in case anyone would like to add something to commemorate a loved one in the future”

As Allan Moffat  saw his name in the Walk of Fame for the first time, he said “this is a wonderful honour, and I’m so pleased to be here to see it unveiled”. Mr Moffat was very happy to see Moffat Street in Oran Park Town as well.

Lady Margaret Brabham and Beverley Brock were both in attendance. Both ladies were sure Sir Jack and Peter would be looking down and very happy to be remembered in this way.  Lady Margaret was very impressed with Sir Jack Brabham Reserve, and Beverley Brock was happy to see Peter Brock Drive was one of the main roads in the town.

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