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Live Community News Uniti Internet Offer To Residents

19 December 2022

Greenfields Development Company have worked with Uniti on a great offer for Oran Park residents which takes the fullest advantage of the optical fibre network.  Uniti is offering discount rates to normal pricing exclusive to Oran Park residents.

Residents on the Opticomm network will have the choice to sign up to a maximum 1000Mbps plan, the fastest available residential speeds in Australia, while residents on the NBN network can sign up to the 250Mbps plan which is the maximum for Oran Park residents on the NBN network.

The offer includes a one month free trial so residents can try it out without obligation and you can easily revert to another provider if you are not satisfied.  This is a fantastic opportunity to trial Uniti and experience the fullest potential of the fibre network in Oran Park.

To find out more about this offer visit https://unitiwireless.com/promotion/oranpark

When choosing the right internet plan for your household, make sure to read the plan’s terms and conditions to make sure it’s right for you.

Please see plan below that shows where the Opticomm and NBN networks are.

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